*Life Coach

My training as a life coach helps me to understand and become an even better listener than I was before. Listening to someones feelings and needs as well as helping one to see his or her own potentail. Setting goals as one reaches a state of mind in which he or she is ready to move even further to one's desires, healing that which needs healing. Self-worth, relationships and whatever other traumas there may be.




*Sacred Feminine Wisdom

My training in sacred feminine wisdom helps me not only to connect and understand a woman's needs. Although each woman has her own path and desires, we as woman all deserve to be treated and honored as such. It's time for women to honor their selves as a woman and nothing less. Healing the sacred feminine is a huge deal. It's the source of life! Women as loss a big part of who they are being in what some may call a man's world, which could not exist without the sacred feminine.

*Warrior Wisdom

My training in Warrior wisdom is to not only heal the body, mind and spirit but to exist in as much harmony as possible. Understanding sacred codes to live by. Being able to discipline one's self into becoming the best version of one's self. Honoring not only the physical world but also the spirit world. Honoring one's self as well as others whether it's a mate or a person on the street. Now.. it doesn't mean one has to accept foolishness from another because that would dishonor one's self however, there are ways to handle one's self in situations with respect and dignity.