Who Am I?

I'm a young woman who loves art. I enjoy creating and trying new things. Holistic health is something I truly believe in. Finding creative ways to enjoy new foods and herbs are part of my craft. Taking things and transforming it into something new I also enjoy. Love to read and learn many things. Making homemade products is something I'm currently practicing. I'm a good listener and friend. A total music lover. I'm using this site as an outlet for expression. 

 When I first started working on my site, I wanted to tell my story not only to help myself but to help others. I was more details about things I experienced and the things I know. Well I decided to now focus more on helping myself and others without the extra details. Part of me wants to give details because details can help show the depths of a situation. Now I'm telling my story without telling my story. It's important to let go of my story so that I can start anew however, I will always know my truth. I'm not running from my truth but I'm not denying it either. My goal is to heal and take care of myself first and foremost. If I can be of help to others along the way, I will gladly do so! 

I come from a family of betrayal, lies, deceit and abuse. It has been very traumatizing for me. My health, financial and mental situation suffered greatly however, I never gave up but on some level I did; It depends on your perspective. It seems the harder I tried the deeper I sunk into the quicksand. As you can see, I'm still here working to make a difference for myself. No! I didn't graduate from High School or College but I'm a student of life, had very unique experiences on multiple levels of things. Somethings aren't meant for everyone to know. Sometimes I have to listen more than I speak. In some ways silence is golden. In some ways silence dangerous. It's up to me to decide what's okay and what's not okay to speak about.  As far as me helping others when I can is to help them find their own way and their own knowing and beliefs. My job is to be supportive, listen and if we can come up with ideas to help that's fine. I'm not an expert in the eyes of society but as a person who has had a lot of experience is a different story. I'm a loving person who had a lot of experiences but not every experience. My heart is open to those who wants someone to listen and understand without judging, although I do have to use my judgment to make the best decisions. Good advice isn't me telling someone what to do but to help come up with ideas and hopefully solutions, after all we're all learning together whether we realize it or not! We never stop learning no matter how old we are. I love you even when I don't know you. Love is what I feel I am because I'm so full of it. Love to me holds all the elements both good and bad. It's just your perspective of it. Life teaches things in many ways, though many people and situations. Dare to be different or just do something you love!

I'm a person who has had many struggles. My life has been full of more downs than ups however, I have worked my way to a place of self-worth, love and respect. Although my struggle continues it is an process and I'm happy to share with you some encouragement and love. All of us have work to do no matter where we are or who we are. Until the day we depart from the earth, we will always have work to do. I also believe that our work will continue after death. I may not know the kind of work but life isn't just of the physical. So who am I?... Well I will continue to grow and transform myself until I become whatever or whoever it is that I am.